• Associate Professor Daniel Cozzolino

    The value add of sensing technologies to agri-food systems

    27 October 2020 12:00pm1:00pm
    Associate Professor Daniel Cozzolino is a food chemist and leader in food traceability linked to provenance. Daniel will present a seminar linked to a recently published research paper 'Authentication, provenance and traceability in fish and seafood by means of vibrational spectroscopy'.
  • Research update: Kakadu plum value chain project

    Kakadu plum value chain

    This project brings together existing partners the UQ QAAFI, Kindred Spirits Enterprises – Traditional Homeland Enterprises (T.H.E.) and Charles Darwin University to review the existing value chains within the established Kakadu Plum (KP)/ Gubinge  (Terminalia ferdinandiana) industry to address the issue of supplying consistently high quality KP/ Gubinge products to ensure a more reliable supply of products which can better capture market access and grow customer loyalty.


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