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QAAFI is a research institute of The University of Queensland, one of the world’s leading research providers in tropical and sub-tropical agriculture and food production. We work across crops, horticulture, animals, and nutrition and food sciences, and are supported by industry and the Queensland Government.

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A world leader in tropical agriculture and food production

QAAFI is a research institute of the University of Queensland (UQ), supported by the Queensland Government. 

QAAFI’s vision is to improve the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of tropical and subtropical food, fibre and agri-business industries.

Now ranked in the top five agricultural research institutions in the world, UQ and QAAFI provide unparalleled expertise and access to infrastructure resources in agriculture and nutrition and food sciences.


agricultural research institution in Australia - UQ (NTU rankings 2017)


global agriculture research institution - UQ (NTU rankings 2017)


Agricultural patents lodged in Australia UQ

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