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QAAFI collaborates with institutions and organisations across the globe to translate complex science into products and improved management and sustainable food production systems. We are committed to research excellence and impact in tropical agriculture and food production systems. Our unique combination of science and technology and a tropical and sub-tropical environment means that Queensland is the natural leader in this area of science globally.

We partner with the Queensland Government across tropical and sub-tropical Queensland. Our global engagement spans more than 30 countries.  


QAAFI works with industries and agribusiness, research organisations, manufacturers and processors to improve productivity and profitability pre and post-farm gate.

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QAAFI collaborates with over 30 countries

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Working with QAAFI

Our industry partnerships take many forms, including joint research, commercialisation and licensing deals, scholarships, graduate study and employment programs and philanthropic foundations.

Case studies

The sorghum story is a strong example of what is possible when there is significant targeted investment in breeding and agronomic research, and a long-term commitment.
A new vaccine offering season-long protection could play an important role in the battle against cattle ticks by reducing reliance on acaricides – pesticides which target ticks and mites – and allowing producers to move cattle from tick free to tick endemic areas. Researchers are also trialling a new single-dose tick vaccine delivery system.
In the International Year of Pulses, scientists are aiming to double the area in Queensland’s tropics and subtropics sown to these healthy, and often very profitable, legume crops.

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