The QAAFI Student Association

Who are we

The QSA is a student organization that collectively aims to enrich the academic and social skills of graduate and undergraduate students enrolled through the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation at The University of Queensland.
Our aims are:
To foster a sense of community on students across all four QAAFI research centres
To enrich the academic and social experience of undergraduate and postgraduate students
To support QAAFI’s mission of research excellence through career development opportunities for its students

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Future Foods for a Sustainable Planet

Let’s create a sustainable food future together through collaboration and innovation among academia and industry!

QAAFI's Student Association (QSA) organised a webinar series to keep students connected while in isolation. Their aim, to create a sustainable food future together through collaboration and innovation among academia and industry.

Our food supply chain from farm to fork contributes to the environmental footprint of our planet, thus tackling its reduction has become a big challenge for the food industry. How to feed a growing population by 2050 sustainably and efficiently is a challenge and an opportunity at the same time. By combining knowledge of academia and industry the sustainable future of food can be secured.

The series has been recorded and is available to watch below. 

Let's PhD Chat - The only Podcast about surviving during your PhD

Working in the world of academia as a PhD candidate can be very demanding. We created this podcast series to share our advice and support to graduate students during times of physical distancing. The speakers showcased here are all amazing scientists and role models who are keen to give a word of advice and who understand the struggles of doing a PhD, the hopes, and dreams.

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