Centre for Animal Science


Leading tropical livestock research and development

The Centre for Animal Science delivers world-class research to Australia’s animal industries. We aim to increase on-farm productivity and sustainability in the northern Australian beef industry and across the livestock industries, including pigs and poultry.

We have major programs and capability in genetics and genomics; breeding and reproductive capability of northern Australian cattle breeds; welfare and ethics; pest and disease control through improved detection; monitoring and vaccine technologies; nutrition; metabolism and growth.

Case studies

A new vaccine offering season-long protection could play an important role in the battle against cattle ticks by reducing reliance on acaricides – pesticides which target ticks and mites – and allowing producers to move cattle from tick free to tick endemic areas. Researchers are also trialling a new single-dose tick vaccine delivery system.
An MLA-funded Producer Demonstration Site (PDS) has proved the three crucial management decisions impacting the productivity of replacement heifers are joining weight, bull selection and disease prevention.

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