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  • Sometimes herbicide resistance comes with a fitness penalty that growers can use as an Achilles’ Heel to drive down weed seed production. Unfortunately, glyphosate resistance seems to confer no such disadvantage on awnless barnyard grass.
  • The cutting-edge technology that produced America’s high-yielding, drought-tolerant AQUAmax maize hybrids is being adapted for use in Australian grain breeding programs.
  • Profitability is linked to fertility of cows for northern beef enterprises and can be substantially improved with new breeding methods based on cutting-edge genome technology. The use of genome data is beginning to drive up the fertility of Australia’s northern cattle herds. Differences in fertility can mean up to three extra calves over a cow’s lifetime, so potential gains are large.
  • This research project developed an industry research framework to evaluate the potential to expand horticultural industries in Northern Australia. This final report explores three major research themes – supply intelligence, market intelligence and supply chain intelligence – as key priorities for action. 
  • Dr Tim O’Hare, says a major thrust of the Naturally Nutritious project was to investigate if we could increase the nutrient content of a range of products, so that you could get more bang for your buck, or ‘more nutrition per serve’.

    One of the considerations was the ‘look’ of the product that was being developed. As Dr O’Hare explained, humans are visual beings, so it is important for the product to look attractive and visually differentiated from a ‘standard’ product of the same type.
  • The secret of how fibre shapes the structure of plant cell walls has been revealed, with potentially wide-ranging applications ranging from nutrition and health to agriculture.

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