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  • In this editorial on Fusarium Wilt of banana, QAAFI’s Professor André Drenth and a team of international researchers give an overview of a Research Topic they organised which will be published as an e-book on this devastating fungal disease which presents a recurring threat to global banana production.
  • It costs money to improve the welfare of farm animals. For people with animals under their care, there are many factors to consider regarding changes in practice to improve welfare, and the optimal course of action is not always obvious. Decision support systems for animal welfare, such as economic cost–benefit analyses, are lacking.
  • Macadamia nut researchers aim to hit the genetic sweet spot by breeding macadamias with thinner-shells for increased kernel size but tougher, pest-resistant husks.
  • Growing a mungbean crop could be an excellent way to get on top of feathertop Rhodes grass, a highly competitive and difficult to control summer weed. With investment from the Grains Research and Development Corporation, a team of researchers have shown that both windmill grass and feathertop Rhodes grass can greatly reduce yield in mungbeans, yet both weed species retain a large portion of their seed when the mungbean crop is ready for harvest.
  • The Illuminata podcast series is produced by QAAFI PhD students Charlotte Rambla and Emily Mantilla.  The series highlights the important role women in agriculture play as part of the STEM community. Interviews share real life stories about women working from the University of Queensland and how they are making an extraordinary difference to agriculture and food research. 
  • Climate change and increased population growth are challenging sustainable food production. Research led by the Carlsberg Research Laboratory with partners from the University of Queensland and the University of Copenhagen will develop climate-tolerant plants with higher yields and better nutritional value.

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