TropAg 2017
  • The seasonal wheat outlook is based on the integration of (i) a simple agro-climatic wheat stress index model (Oz-Wheat MII) (i.e. Bare fallow routine - Ritchie, 1972; Wheat stress index model adapted from - Fitzpatrick and Nix, 1969; Nix and Fitzpatrick, 1969), which is sensitive to water deficit or excess during the growing season, (ii) actual climate data up to the forecasting date and (iii) projected climate data after that date.
  • Associate Professor Daniel Rodriguez Principal Research Fellow for the Centre for Crop Science at QAAFI co-authors article in The Conversation.
  • The field of crop improvement is about to go through a growth spurt with the appointment of global crop improvement innovator Professor Mark Cooper to a newly-created role at The University of Queensland.

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