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  • Jane Ray, a PhD Candidate at the University of Queensland, travelled to Costa Rica as part of a project to identify and manage bacterial wilt diseases in bananas after being awarded a Crawford Fund Student Award by the Crawford Fund's Northern Territory Committee. She was supported in-country by the University of Costa Rica.
  • Hotspot areas in Australia’s wheatbelt have been identified that are especially prone to a climate-induced grain quality defect.
  • Life in lockdown. Plenty of time for contemplation and to consider the things that matter to us most. I've been at university now for 40 years (I think that's two life sentences). Admittedly only seven of those years were as an actual officially recognised student, but even the last 33 years have been a wonderful learning experiences.
  • The May 2020 national wheat outlook is predicting an overall average yield across Australia’s wheat belt but with significant regional variability, according to crop-climate researchers at The University of Queensland.
  • A project to protect the Australian lucerne seed industry from possible exotic disease incursions including alfalfa dwarf disease (ADD) has scanned lucerne paddocks for viruses associated with the damaging disease.
  • To date, the most promising rumen fluid sample to overcome Pimelea toxicity, came from Dorper sheep. More rumen fluid samples are still to be tested.
    21 bacterial species have been isolated from the rumen fluid samples. The most promising of these are being tested for their ability to degrade the toxin in Pimelea, which is simplexin. Over time, the most promising bacterial species may be developed into a rumen inoculum (drench).

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Dr Millicent Smith

2 Jun 2020

Prof Ian Godwin

22 Sep 2020

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