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  • By Professor Matthew Morell, Director of the Queensland Agriculture and Food Alliance (QAAFI) at The University of Queensland
  • Agriculture must adapt: how can we continue to feed the nation and have the food choices we want if climate change threatens our established agricultural practices?
  • After being diagnosed with Stage 3 aggressive breast cancer, Bogi received support not only from her friends, but from the surrounding community and the health sector - with emotional support from charities who work with cancer patients. With a new lease of life, she is driven to not only create awareness about breast cancer, but also to raise as much money as she can to give back to the charities that helped her through the toughest challenge of her life.
  • Australia’s first legal, living collection of native magic mushrooms is being studied by scientists in a Brisbane laboratory to help identify characteristics that might be useful for medical research into psychedelic treatments. 
  • The mystery of what creates the rare, healthy sugar found in stingless bee honey, has been solved by researchers at The University of Queensland, in collaboration with Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services.
  • World first development of a sorghum pangenome provides unprecedented insights into the genes that makes sorghum such a hardy and resilient crop.

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