Crop outlook

Summer and winter cropping forecasts for Queensland’s wheat and sorghum cropping industries are produced by QAAFI’s experts in the complex integration of spatial production modelling and climate forecasting. These crop outlooks are available for free to view and download by growers.

Wheat outlook (winter)
The current winter crop outlook for Queensland indicates a predicted crop yield of 1.76 t/ha, which is 12% below the long-term median yield expectation and equal to the worst 30% of yield outcomes relative to all years. Although, some variation in predicted yield outcomes exists within the state’s cropping regions, SWQ (33%), SEQ (38%) and CQ (26%) have median yield outcomes ranked close to the worst 30% of all years. Concurrently, these regions have predicted median yield departures of 13%, 7% and 14% below the long-term median, respectively. Traditional sowing opportunities in most of the southern parts of QLD were limited due to the lack of sowing rains. This resulted in total likely area sown to winter crops of around 1.1 M ha, which is 32% below the long-term median area sown over the last seven years (2016-2022) at a state level (QLD). Note that all climate indicators for ENSO remain in an EL Niño ALERT mode.
Sorghum outlook (summer)
The sorghum crop across the entire Australian summer grain region, for 2022/23, is predicted to be above long-term median. At a national level (NEAUS) the forecast yield now has converged to 3.25 t/ha, which is above the 74th percentile compared to all years. However, there remains large variation in the outlook among local regions. Specifically, almost all areas of NNSW and CQ have predicted yields well above the long-term median expectation, while most areas in southern QLD (SEQ and SWQ) have sorghum yield expectations close to the long-term median for that region. This crop outlook is based on a crop-free (short fallow) period through the winter season and therefore areas with longer fallow practices are likely to have better yield prospects for the coming season.

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UQ's Dr Andries Potgieter produces regular seasonal outlooks for sorghum and wheat producers in Australia. 

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