Centre for Crop Science


Integrated research for cereal and legume cropping systems

The Centre for Crop Science conducts world-leading research targeting enhanced profitability and sustainability of cereal and legume cropping systems in tropical and sub-tropical environments.

We pursue excellence in crop science at molecular, whole plant, and production system levels. Our integrated research capabilities include crop genetics, physiology, and modelling, along with soil science and weed biology. We work closely with industry and government, and seek synergies to meet challenges in crop science at a national and international level.

Centre Director
Professor Ian Godwin

Tel +61 7 336 51518
Tel +61 7 336 52141


    Research Highlights

    To minimise the impacts of drought and climate change on crops, QAAFI researchers are speeding up the life cycle of crops to develop more resilient crop varieties. This world-first speed breeding technique uses light and temperature controlled greenhouses to accelerate plant growth and deliver more tolerant crops varieties.
    In the next two decades, crop yields need to increase dramatically to feed the growing global population. Wouldn’t it be incredibly useful if we had a crystal ball to show us what are the best strategies available to increase crop yields?

    Research Impact

    UQ researchers are using genetics to revolutionise the Australian sorghum industry, increasing both yields and profits for growers.

    Case studies

    The sorghum story is a strong example of what is possible when there is significant targeted investment in breeding and agronomic research, and a long-term commitment.
    Grower Wade Bidstrup realised the true potential of mungbeans after treating them as a ‘real’ crop and applying specific research-based agronomy.
    In the International Year of Pulses, scientists are aiming to double the area in Queensland’s tropics and subtropics sown to these healthy, and often very profitable, legume crops.

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