Centre for Crop Science

QAAFI's Centre for Crop Science (CCS) integrates strong disciplinary capabilities in major research focus areas to target improved crops, crop protection systems, and sustainable production systems in tropical and sub-tropical environments.

CCS provides innovative plant-focused research for ongoing agricultural and food innovation by pursuit of excellence in plant science at molecular, whole plant, and production system levels for the benefit of plant industries.

The centre also acts as a vehicle for enhanced collaboration between UQ and the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in plant science of strategic importance, and maintains strong linkages with rural and manufacturing industries. CCS also has a strong focus on postgraduate training and is committed to the next generation of plant scientists.

Our expertise includes:

  • Plant breeding and genetics
  • Plant health
  • Crop physiology and modelling
  • Farming systems science

Prof. Graeme Hammer
Director of Centre for Crop Science

QAAFI science publications

With over 300 researchers in the Centre of Crop Science, QAAFI is amongst the best in the world.

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Case studies

The sorghum story is a strong example of what is possible when there is significant targeted investment in breeding and agronomic research, and a long-term commitment.
Grower Wade Bidstrup realised the true potential of mungbeans after treating them as a ‘real’ crop and applying specific research-based agronomy.
In the International Year of Pulses, scientists are aiming to double the area in Queensland’s tropics and subtropics sown to these healthy, and often very profitable, legume crops.

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