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In 2021, The University of Queensland removed the requirement for each UQ Institute to produce an annual report document. One overall UQ Annual Report will continue to be published for each calendar year.  From 2022, QAAFI will publish a two-page summary of the Institute's activities from the calendar year.

QAAFI State of the Institute report summary 2022

QAAFI Annual Reports

QAAFI Annual Reports provide a comprehensive overview of the institute and research achievements each calendar year.

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QAAFI Corporate Brochures

View QAAFI's latest corporate brochures and flyers

QAAFi state of the institute report

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Innovation in Agriculture Newsletter

Innovation in Agriculture is published monthly by the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI). 

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QAAFI Science publications

With over 300 researchers, QAAFI is amongst the best in the world. View the growing list of publications by QAAFI.

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