UQ Student Employability Centre's Undergraduate Research Program

UQ Student Employability Centre's Undergraduate Research Program (URP) assists you to develop your analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills through a scholarship-supported research placement with one of UQ’s leading researchers. Please check the UQ Student Employability Centre (UQSEC) website initially for updates about the program. If QAAFI is participating in the current program, our contact details will be listed on the UQSEC website.

Key features

  • A scholarship to support your participation;
  • Supervision by well-established researchers;
  • Access to state-of-the-art research facilities and materials that may not be readily available elsewhere;
  • Capacity to obtain credit (or milestone requirements) towards your undergraduate degree (subject to degree rules and structure).

Project dates (offered annually)

  • Winter Research Program (WRP) June – July
  • Summer Research Program (SRP) November – February

Application deadline

Check UQSEC website for opening and closing dates

Available projects

Find a project that interests you by browsing the Student project opportunities on our website and contact potential QAAFI advisor(s) directly to discuss what might be available.

View available 2017-2018 QAAFI Summer Research Program projects

QAAFI scholarship eligibility requirements

In addition to UQSEC's eligibility requirements, the applicant must meet the following QAAFI requirements:

  1. Have at least one supervisor who is a QAAFI staff member or affiliate;
  2. Be actively enrolled in an undergraduate or masters by coursework program during the Research Scholarship period and can provide evidence of this;
  3. Credit any and all publications arising from the project to QAAFI.

How to apply

  1. Ensure you have read the QAAFI eligibility requirements under QAAFI Scholarship Eligibility Requirements (above) and you are aware of all eligibility and requirements of the application and program. When you submit your application, you are agreeing that you have read and understood the QAAFI's and UQSEC's eligibility requirements.
  2. Find a project that interests you by browsing the current projects, then secure advisor support by contacting them directly by searching our website.  If a project is missing, you can contact our researchers directly to discuss potential future opportunities.
  3. Get mandatory written support from your potential Undergraduate Research Program supervisor, otherwise your application will not be reviewed. The support evidence can be sent from the researcher's email account (PDF file is accepted) or on a QAAFI-UQ letterhead containing the following details: 
  • Applicant's full name and contact information;
  • What the support is for (The Undergraduate Research Program project title must be provided as it's a compulsory pre-text field in UQSEC online application form);
  • Expected project period; and that the
  • Support is available on the condition that the application is successful in being awarded the research scholarship.

  4. Complete UQSEC online application form by the deadline stated on UQSEC website.


Vacation scholarship projects are available annually. While every effort has been made to ensure this information is up-to-date, please confirm details with UQ Student Employability Centre or QAAFI before proceeding. Postgraduate Administration team email QAAFI_HDR@uq.edu.au

Undergraduate Research Program vocabulary used at QAAFI

Acronym Meaning
URP Undergraduate Research Program
SRP Summer Research Program
WRP Winter Research Program


Higher Degree Research scholarships

Are you commencing or continuing a HDR program at QAAFI? Check if you are eligible to apply for the following scholarship and financial options.

When applying for an UQ HDR program, you need to provide evidence to the Graduate School that you have living and tuition funding to support you throughout your entire HDR program.  You need to discuss this with your potential HDR advisor when applying for advisor support and potential projects of interest to determine which of the following funding option/s you may be eligible for. Please remember that you need to be invited by QAAFI to complete Graduate School’s HDR admission application and that the outcome of this application will be dependent on whether you successfully secure minimal funding support (Living is at RTP base rate that is indexed annually, tuition offset is Agriculture Band B rate).

If you are a current HDR candidate you will need to investigate and discuss which of the following options may apply to you. Your advisor will need to nominate you for the UQ or QAAFI scholarships if they deem you are competitive enough in consultation with the QAAFI Postgraduate Coordinator.

External scholarships

We strongly encourage you to bring your own funding. You can browse for some external scholarship opportunities via UQ Graduate School’s webpage. Click on scholarships for future or current HDR students buttons here graduate-school.uq.edu.au/scholarships

Availability & deadlines

UQ Graduate School (GS) scholarship

Do you have outstanding research potential to be considered for a competitive UQ GS scholarship or QAAFI PhD Scholarship? Check with your potential advisor if they would consider nominating you for a UQ or QAAFI scholarship - graduate-school.uq.edu.au/scholarships

Availability & deadlines
2 rounds per year or varies if out-of-rounds. If living stipend is competitively awarded, then Tuition offset could be nominated for out-of-rounds.

QAAFI PhD scholarship (QPhDs)

QAAFI offers living stipend at RTP base rate (indexed annually) to competitively ranked nominees who were unsuccessful in securing a UQ Graduate School scholarship. Nominations must be provided by the principal advisor, and HDR admission applications must be approved by the Graduate School to be eligible for consideration. Nominee’s projects must fit within the strategic priority research areas. Tuition offset may be offered by the Graduate School.

Availability & deadlines
Every year up to 4 full-time equivalent scholarships with deadlines that are in line with the UQ Graduate School’s competitive scholarship rounds.

For more details visit QAAFI PhD Scholarship page

QAAFI HDR Travel Awards

QAAFI offers Travel Awards to QAAFI enrolled and confirmed Higher Degree Research (HDR) students for travel to international or domestic scientific conferences. The awards will contribute to attendance costs including registration, airfares, accommodation and other transport. Students can apply as often as rounds are available, but will only be eligible to receive ONE award during their entire HDR degree with QAAFI.

Click to learn full detail about the QAAFI HDR Travel Awards

All QAAFI supervised students must agree to:

Student Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement