Grain crop physiology and modelling

Integrating crop science from the molecular to whole plant levels by linking experimentation with mathematical models of crop growth and development

Our research includes:

  • Exploring the physiology and genetics of complex adaptive traits in field crops with a focus on water productivity
  • Aiding crop management and design for enhanced production in water-limited environments
  • Evaluating the efficiency with which resources (radiation, water and nitrogen) are utilized by crop plants
Crop physiology and modelling research at QAAFI involves developing crops that are resilient to different stresses like drought, heat and cold, through using genetic and management solutions.

There are many combinations for genetic and management solutions for a particular environment; QAAFI tries to optimise for all of these combinations. Simulation modeling allows us to look at these different combinations and select the most favorable. The research team includes plant breeders, physiologists and molecular biologists, people bioinformatics, and robotics.

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