Research focuses on identifying novel ways to prevent respiratory diseases in cattle, using tools such as CRISPR gen editing and organoid models.


Completing a PhD with the aim to optimise aroma and flavour of algae ingredients for future food applications.


Investigating a citrus fungal disease known as black core rot. Her aim is to broaden our understanding of the disease & strengthen disease control options available to industry.


Rimjhim is investigating the biochemistry of orange capsicums to understand the presence of zeaxanthin, a carotenoid that can prevent age-related macular degeneration in elderly people.

  • Ms Rimjhim Agarwal

    Dr Rimjhim Agarwal

    PhD Candidate
    Centre for Nutrition and Food Science
    FaBA Research Fellow - Data Analytics
    Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation

Centre for Crop Science Representative

Jemma's project focuses on evaluating diverse wild and cultivated Taro (Colocasia) germplasm to enhance food security and climate resilience in the Pacific Islands.

Centre for Horticultural Science Representative

Pratyush is developing a bio-fungicide using RNA interference, aimed at providing an alternative control for Fusarium head blight in cereal crops, through the development of a pathogen targeted double-stranded RNA spray.

Centre for Animal Science Representative

Sogra's PhD aims to identify blood and reproductive tract microbiome biomarkers for Bovine Genital Campylobacteriosis immunity using omics approaches.

Centre for Nutrition and Food Science Representative

Xianyi's PhD project aims to develop a novel feed formulation to ensure efficient feed digestion & nutrient absorption, while promoting healthy gut microbiota development in post-weaning piglets.


Regional Coordinator

Jess is looking to apply artificial intelligence & quantitative genomics to Australian aquaculture systems. She plans to facilitate genetic gain to improve resiliency, production & sustainability across various species.