Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences

The Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences is part of the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, a partnership between UQ and the Queensland Government. It aims to support the development of enhanced health outcomes and economic benefits for Australia by carrying out relevant fundamental research to provide a sound basis for subsequent exploitation.

The science of food and nutrition involves the integration of approaches drawing from physical, chemical, and biological disciplines. The Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences uses a range of cross-disciplinary approaches, modern analytical techniques and understanding developed through study of model systems, to identify the fundamental mechanisms responsible for important food and nutrition properties. This involves extensive collaboration with research groups from The University of Queensland, the Queensland Department of Employment Economic Development and Innovation, and many other Australian and international partners.

Research themes at the Centre for Nutrition & Food Sciences

Our expertise includes:

  • Molecular basis for food quality
  • Food bio-materials and processing
  • Health and nutrition properties

Prof. Mike Gidley
Director of Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences


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