Smart selections

How to identify the right combinations of raw materials and processing to deliver consumer-preferred foods

Our research includes:

  • Determining the molecular basis for the sensory and nutritional properties of foods, from raw materials and post-harvest processing
  • Analysing the compositional structure of particular food attributes desired by consumers
  • Matching animal genotypes and meat processing for quality beef products
  • Post-harvest quality of cereals, in relation to domestic and export market requirements
  • High through-put technologies such as near-infrared for testing raw material and finished food quality



Smart selections research capability

Smart selections research focuses on post-harvest quality of cereals, in relation to domestic and export market requirements. This includes simple quality traits such as protein and moisture to complex value-added traits such as milling and baking or malting and brewing quality. A new area has been in sorghum quality for the Chinese markets where tannin content is important. Our research also digs deeper into starch functional quality in relation to fermentation efficiency in the brewing industry. Plus we are investigating the changes in protein function during the malting process. We also use high throughput technologies such as near-infrared where we have developed models for cereal quality, testing animal waste for nutrition efficiency, lady beetles and fruit flies for effects of climate change, milk and beer quality and importantly testing for dangerous mycotoxins. These research outcomes are relevant to plant breeding programs, industry and marketing bodies.

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