Centre for Horticultural Science

Centre for Horticultural Science

Centre for Horticultural Science is part of the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, a partnership between UQ and the Queensland Government. QAAFI has established a new dedicated research centre for horticultural science. The new centre will build upon the capacity of our world-class horticultural researchers to develop Australia’s global horticultural presence.


Horticulture accounts for ~18% of the total value of Australian agriculture. A ‘new world order’ is emerging in the global fresh fruit and vegetable trade and Australian horticulture must develop its capacity to grow and compete in these evolving markets.

Working with our partners, the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Horticulture Innovation Australia, and our many growers and industry collaborators in Australia and internationally, we aim to grow the future of horticulture in Australia.

Our collaborative approach is reflected in our many achievements, including world’s best banana biosecurity practice, the development of BioClay, a non-toxic agricultural nanotechnology pesticide, research towards the release of new macadamia cultivars in 2017, the innovative Queensland Government Small Trees High Productivity project, citrus innovation, avocado disease and propagation innovations and support of the development of a low chill stone fruit industry in sub tropical Queensland.


Our expertise includes:

  • Ag Nano
  • Horticulture crop improvement 
  • Horticulture crop protection 

Prof. Neena Mitter
Director of Centre for Horticultural Science

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With over 300 researchers in the Centre for Horticultural Science, QAAFI is amongst the best in the world.

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