Sustainable crop protection: BioClay

ARC research hub for sustainable crop protection

The Australia Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP) Research Hub for Sustainable Crop Protection will take on the global challenge of transforming crop protection technology by delivering non-GM, non- toxic RNAi based fungicides for specific fungal diseases of crops.

The Hub aims to develop and commercialise an innovative biological alternative to chemical fungicides targeting economically significant diseases of broadacre and horticultural crops. It addresses industry challenges of fungicide resistance, chemical residues in food, off-target effects and environmental harm.

An expert multidisciplinary team uniting science, commercial and social licence pathways ensures industry and consumer uptake advancing $60B Australian Agriculture. The Hub translates to increased productivity, market access and enhanced environmental credentials of Australian food.

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BioClay™ – sustainable crop protection spray

Scientists from around the world are joining forces to develop a breakthrough with the potential to bolster global food security.

The Australia-centric and globally relevant multidisciplinary Sustainable Crop Protection Hub will bring RNA-based bio-pesticides to agriculture, resulting in reduced chemical inputs, increased crop productivity, green credentials, sustainability, market access and capacity building, all of which will contribute to a more profitable and competitive food and agribusiness sector.


The application of a revolutionary alternative to chemical fungicides to protect Australia’s $5 trillion global food and agribusiness sector is being spearheaded by researchers at The University of Queensland.


Dr Ilaria Stefani, 
Business Manager
ARC research hub for sustainable crop protection
T: +61 7 334 62319  


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