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  • QAAFI researchers have discovered how to make more flour from the same amount of grain – a finding that could help avert food shortages around the world.
  • Results from a QAAFI study show the bran fraction of Australia’s only white coloured sorghum hybrid, Liberty, contains a broad range of ‘healthy’ phytochemicals – raising the grain’s potential for human health food markets.
  • Queensland possesses a world-class research and development capability. UQ is rated the number one agricultural research institution in Australia, and is among the world’s top five institutions in the 2017 NTU rankings. UQ and the Queensland government’s investment in QAAFI builds upon the capabilities of both organisations, to deliver substantial returns on investment across Queensland’s agricultural industries.
  • Special research measures were needed when environmental factors were discovered to trigger a prevalent but normally dormant defect in the wheat genome. When activated, the defect can cause a punishing downgrade of wheat grain quality.
  • Most people know that dietary fibre is important for human health and that cereal grains such as barley and rye are a reliable source of that fibre. However, exactly what constitutes dietary fibre is not nearly as well understood.
  • UQ scientists have joined forces to develop a breakthrough that has the potential to bolster global food security. An estimated 795 million people across the globe do not have enough food to lead a healthy life.
  • A food scientist from UQ is working with Indigenous communities to unlock a lucrative industry – using Kakadu plum to extend the storage life of food.
  • The sorghum story is a strong example of what is possible when there is significant targeted investment in breeding and agronomic research, and a long-term commitment.
  • An MLA-funded Producer Demonstration Site (PDS) has proved the three crucial management decisions impacting the productivity of replacement heifers are joining weight, bull selection and disease prevention.


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