How do we know what animals are experiencing? We can’t just ask them. Our efforts to assess and monitor what animals are experiencing in physiological terms have been challenging due to the complex systemic nature and temporal dynamics of an animal’s brain function and its responses to its environment. Now UQ and our partner universities are prepared to open the black box of animal experiences, going further in our understanding of the mental states of animals than anyone has ever gone before. Dr Fernandes will discuss why a new transdisciplinary approach is needed in order to solve this scientific challenge.

Dr Jill Fernandes

Dr Jill Fernandes is a decision scientist at the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, The University of Queensland. Dr Fernandes joined The University of Queensland in 2017 after concluding a Fulbright Scholarship in Germany and a PhD in Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Miami. Trained as an interdisciplinary scientist, Dr Fernandes currently undertakes research in the field of decision science with a focus on policy problems and decisions in animal welfare. Through her work, Dr Fernandes aims to empower people to make better decisions about the messy, complex problems facing our society.

Dr Jill Fernandes, Research Fellow, Centre for Animal Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, E: j.ulrich@uq.edu.au T: +61 7 334 62264

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