From GMOs and GPS, to remote sensing, genomics, AI and blockchain – our digital and data-driven technology is transforming agriculture and food across the supply chain.
NASA experiments to grow wheat in space were the inspiration for scientists to develop the world’s first ‘speed breeding’ procedures here on planet Earth.
Researchers said the NASA experiments involved using continuous light on wheat which triggered early reproduction in the plants.
A world-first innovative plant growing technique that is set to double Queensland’s avocado production and smash the global shortage of avocado trees. This world-leading, Queensland-owned technology will overcome the bottleneck of a shortage of high-quality planting material that is currently crippling industry expansion.
UQ scientists have joined forces to develop a breakthrough that has the potential to bolster global food security. BioClay uses a plant defence mechanism known as RNA (ribonucleic acid) interference, or gene silencing, which has been used to develop genetically modified, transgenic, disease-resistant crops.

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