QAAFI Professor appointed Deputy Council member by VC Peter Hoj

24 October 2017

Congratulations to Professor Neena Mitter, who has been appointed as a Deputy Council Member of the Leadership Council on Cultural Diversity by UQ's VC Peter Hoj, who is a council member of the forum. 

The Leadership Council on Cultural Diversity is a group of leaders committed to improving the representation of cultural diversity within the leadership of Australian organisations.

Formed in December 2016, the Council seeks to make cultural diversity in leadership a reality.

Drawn from business, government, universities and civil society, Council members are advocates for diversity and inclusion.

Professor Neena Mitter (third from the left) with Professor Peter Høj, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Queensland.

Australia is an emphatically multicultural society. Almost half of the Australian population either was born overseas, or has a parent who was born overseas.

Few countries can boast to have enjoyed our multicultural success. Yet it is striking that among our leaders today, in various spheres, we are yet to see our multicultural character being reflected. Why don’t we see more diversity among our leaders? Do we have leadership that is fit for today’s Australia?

Recent years have seen some significant gains in diversity. But it is time to have a more specific conversation about cultural diversity. Prominent senior leadership on this is necessary if progress is to be made.


Professor Neena Mitter,
Professorial Research Fellow at the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation's Centre for Plant Science

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