Animal Science Olympics 2016 winners

22 November 2016

On the 18th of November 2016 QAAFI has held its 4th Animal Science Olympics, an animal science poster competition.

Established in 2012 by Associate Professor Ala Lew-Tabor, the competition run by QAAFI Centre for Animal Science. This year the competition has attracted 26 participants, both research higher degree students and early career researchers in animal science from different UQ Schools and Institutes, CSIRO and the Qld Department of Agriculture & Fisheries. The competitors presented their research across many broad areas of animal science including koala healing, rumen microbiology and bovine genetics.

Congratulations to the winners 2016

Gabrielle Penna (UQ SAFS) - Future Farming Prize – New science that will benefit animal health - $1800 (sponsored by Virbac)
Poster entitled: Rib cortical thickness measurements and phosphorus status in cattle

Dalton Baker (UQ QAAFI) - Animal Science Innovation Award - $1500 (sponsored by Merial)
Poster entitled: Successful use of a myco-insecticide for nuisance fly control in cattle feedlots

A. Nahuel A. Pachas (UQ SAFS) - Animal Science Innovation Award for RHDs only - $3000 (sponsored by QAAFI Centre for Animal Science)
Poster entitled: The effect of tree density on biomass production of Leucaena leucocephala and Chloris gayana using a Nelder fan design

Ben Schofield (UQ SAFS) - Animal Science Genetics/Genomics Award for RHDs and ECRs - $3000 (sponsored by QAAFI Centre for Animal Science)
Poster entitled: Rumen Microbial Community Structure of Sheep Fed the Probiotic, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens H57

View competition photos here

Judging criteria

Successful competitors has shown excellence in accordance with all judging criteria, which included:

  1. Stop And Look: overall design makes you stop and take a closer look;   
  2. Clear Message: delivers a clear and readily found takeaway message;           
  3. Design: visuals, layout, and text used well;      
  4. Relevance to Award: most impactful research in the award nomination.

Judging panel

The judging panel was represented by industry, government and research organisations:

  • Dr Kim Agnew, Merial
  • Dr Rob Dempster, Virbac
  • Dr Wayne Hall, Dr Peter Johnston, Dr Jacqui King, Department of Agriculture & Fisheries
  • Dr Gene Wifjells and Dr Sigrid Lehnert, CSIRO
  • A/Prof. Jo Meers, UQ School of Veterinary Science
  • Prof. Ross Barnard, UQ School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
  • Prof. Dennis Poppi, UQ School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
  • Sarah Meibusch and Prof. Ben Hayes, UQ Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation