QAAFI Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The QAAFI Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been established to support gender equity and diversity across QAAFI's operations. The committee meets quarterly to discuss issues, actions, and potential events. 

Aims of the QAAFI Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  • Develop and implement diversity and inclusion goals, strategies and targets with the aim of implementing best practice in QAAFI
  • Monitor the ongoing success of these initiatives and identify impediments to progress 
  • Provide a forum for broad discussion and consultation around diversity and inclusion at QAAFI
  • Contribute to the communication and reinforcement of shared values around diversity and inclusion to support a culture of inclusiveness at QAAFI
  • Raise awareness for issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion through seminars and other relevant events
  • Make recommendations to the QAAFI Management Team on issues relating to diversity and inclusion for staff and students at QAAFI
  • Work in partnership with other diversity and inclusion support groups across the University to share best practice, and ensure alignment with University-wide initiatives

QAAFI's internal fortnightly newsletter, QAAFI Break can include information on news and events promoting diversity. All staff and students are encouraged to submit an article for QAAFI Break.

Equity and diversity training courses are available to view and register for via the staff development website. 

If you have any items that you would like addressed at a QAAFI Diversity and Inclusion Committee meeting, or would like to submit any feedback, please contact

Click below to view minutes from previous meetings:

19 June 2019
16 April 2019
19 February 2019
18 December 2018
24 August 2018
14 June 2018
12 April 2018