Researcher biography

Dr Karl Robinson joined QAAFI's Centre for Horticultural Science (frm. Centre for Plant Sciences) in 2012 as a molecular biologist specialising in RNAi applications against animal and plant viruses. Karl received his doctoral degree from The University of Queensland, School of Veterinary Science in 2009 under the guidence of Professor Timothy Mahony and Professor Joanne Meers and was awarded the 2009 UQ Deans Award for 'Outstanding Higher Degree Research Thesis'. Karl has held postdoctoral research positions within Queensland Government/The University of Queensland - Agricultural Biotechnology Centre and the Vaccine and Infectious Diseases Organisation, the premier BSL 3 containment laboratory at The University of Saskatchewan, Canada, before joining The Mitter Group. In 2017, Dr Robinson was awarded the Queensland State Government - Advance Queensland Reseach Fellowship to conduct research into alternative insect and virus control methods using RNAi and nanotechnology. Upon successfully completing the AQRF, Dr Karl Robinson within CHS, secured a UQ amplify researcher position and teaches virology to 2nd and 3rd year veterinary science students.