Over my 40 years in conducting and leading research the pace of change has never flagged. Revolutions in genomics, information technology, and systems science have shaped agriculture in extraordinary ways. While agriculture initially focused on feeding the world’s population, we now embrace the need for nutritious, safe food, from sustainable systems, that adapt and mitigate climate change, and improve social and economic equity. I will talk not only about my science but also about how my experiences have informed the way I approach research and leadership. I will relate these learnings to the directions that Agriculture and Food is taking at QAAFI and UQ.

Professor Matthew Morell

Professor Matthew Morell has had an extensive career over four decades characterised by his focus on conducting and leading high-quality agricultural research that delivers benefits to the agriculture and food sectors, and to consumers. His work on photosynthesis, starch biosynthesis, grain quality and nutrition provided a strong basis for leading multi-disciplinary research. In leadership, Professor Morell has a track record in developing effective teams and working with institutions and their stakeholders to deliver innovations for the future.

Professor Matthew Morell​​, Institute Director, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation & Affiliate Academic, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences  E: m.morell@uq.edu.au or qaafiea@uq.edu.au

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