Research into plant-pathogen interactions has historically taken a simplified approach involving a single host and a single disease. However, in natural and agroecosystems, plants frequently interact with several pathogen species or genotypes, exhibiting complexities not captured by the widely used single disease approach. This presentation bridges the gap between the heterogeneity of plant diseases and the field of molecular biology. It uses a three-way system consisting of the wheat host and two major fungi. A range of techniques relating to plant pathology and histology as well as molecular biology and cytology were used. The main objective of this presentation is to showcase disease progress and pathogen interactions in wheat plants co-infected by two fungi.

Dr Araz Solman

Dr Araz Solman is a plant pathologist at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries based at the Hermitage Research Facility. Araz was awarded a PhD in 2020 from Curtin University, Perth, working on pathogen interactions in co-infected wheat plants. Before turning his attention to mungbeans, he spent more than three years (2009-2012) as a research assistant at ICARDA. In 2012, he joined the University of Western Australia to undertake his master's degree, investigating the use of film antitransparents to increase drought resistance in Wheat. Araz is particularly interested in innovative research ideas that bridge the gap between the heterogeneity of plant diseases and the emerging field of molecular biology.

Contact: araz.solman@daf.qld.gov.au or arazsolman@gmail.com

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