There is no purple sweetcorn in the world due to strong genetic linkage between a non-functional anthocyanin biosynthesis gene, anthocyaninless-1(a1) and the supersweet gene, shrunken2 (sh2). Anthocyanin is linked to reducing cardiovascular disease, however anthocyanin-rich purple maize is unpalatable because of little amount of sugar. Furthermore, strong genetic linkage hampered breeding purple sweetcorn.

Using several crossing combinations over five field experiments during 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively at Gatton, Queensland; Apurba has broken down tight genetic linkage and developed novel purple sweetcorn. Apurba’s PhD research of the development of anthocyanin-rich novel purple sweetcorn is also confirmed by biochemical and molecular analysis.

Apurba Ray 

Mr Apurba Ray is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Botany of Jagannath University, Bangladesh. He has completed his Bachelor and Master’s studies from the Department of Botany, the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. His Master’s thesis was on ‘Genetic and molecular investigation of mutants of Neurospora crassa induced with UV ray and extract of some medicinal plants’. Later on, he started genetic and phytoremediation study of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea). He has been commenced his PhD research at QAAFI, The University of Queensland in Oct 2018 on the topic ‘The development of purple supersweet sweetcorn’, and successfully developed it.

Mr Apurba Ray, PhD Researcher, Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, E: apurba.ray@uq.edu.au

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