The University of Queensland (UQ) has a meritorious history in leading research in remote sensing, cropping system modelling and phenotyping and genetic prediction with applications in plant and animal systems. Projects are typically led by ag experts, with statistics/data sciences being bought or brought in. In recent years, Ag/data startups have been super-charged by capital, applying all manner of methods in impressive but sometimes dubious ways. Regardless, our ag graduates need more exposure to data sciences and which are useful/applicable in their future employment. Here I attempt to summarise UQ current research and future opportunities to deploy data science in agriculture research.

Professor Scott Chapman 

Prof Chapman is a crop physiologist in UQ's School of Agriculture and Food Sciences (SAFS). He studies genetic and environmental effects on the physiology of field crops, particularly where drought dominates. His research is in the application of quantitative approaches (crop simulation and statistical methods) and phenotyping (aerial imaging, canopy monitoring) to integrate the understanding of interactions of genetics, growth and development and the bio-physical environment on crop yield. In recent years, this work has expanded more generally into various applications in digital agriculture from work on canopy temperature sensing for irrigation decisions through to applications of deep-learning to imagery to assist breeding programs.

Professor Scott Chapman, Professor in Crop Physiology, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Faculty of Science and Affiliated Academic, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, E: scott.chapman@uq.edu.au T: +61 7 54601 108

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