Leaf photosynthetic processes underpin plant resources conversion efficiency, which are key for boosting crop growth and yield. However, the link between photosynthetic enhancement and yield is not straightforward due to confounding feedback effects arising from interactions with crop growth and development dynamics, and the prevailing environment.

This presentation showcases an advanced plant/crop model that addresses the biological complexities for assessing whole-crop consequences of leaf photosynthetic manipulation; and demonstrates how experimentation with crop growth and development dynamics simulation helps to unravel yield responses and generates insight to further enhance photosynthetic mechanisms and lift yield performance.

Dr Alex Wu

Dr Alex Wu is an early career researcher and worked in the ARC CoE for Translational Photosynthesis on plant physiology and crop modelling, advancing phenotypic prediction capabilities for supporting crop improvement. His breakthrough work in plant/crop modelling is underpinned by the development of a cross-scale model linking detailed photosynthetic processes at the leaf level with growth and development dynamics at the whole-crop level. Alex’s modelling research is used to unravel the link between key photosynthetic mechanisms and crop yield, and assess photosynthesis and crop designs for boosting yield across environments.

Alex is a recipient of the Australian Society of Plant Scientists premier Peter Goldacre Award, his canopy photosynthesis modelling paper has won a Functional Plant Biology Best Paper Award. Alex has been recently awarded an ARC DECRA on advancing a new physiology-modelling method to understand how interactions between different physiological processes, plant attributes, and the prevailing environment determine productivity.

Dr Alex Wu, ARC DECRA, Centre for Crop Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, E: c.wu1@uq.edu.au T: +61 7 334 62780

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