North Anhui is one of important regions in China, supplying food, where a wheat/maize is dominantly used, however soil and weather conditions are harsh for crop production, limiting crop productivity, grain quality, and sustainability.

Notably China has switched the way to manage agriculture from chasing high yielding to persuing quality-based, green and sustainable development since 2016. The projects and funding for incoming years are under this frame. I ‘d share the key challenges encountered for wheat/maize production in this particular region for sustainable and green development, and picture ongoing studies and projects in my team.

My research primarily covers soil improvement via straw retention, abiotic stressed physiology, and modeling contribution. Through the talk, I also wish to foster opportunities for likely collaborations between Anhui and Queensland.


Professor Youhong Song
Anhui Agricultural University

Youhong has a PhD in crop physiology and modeling in China Agricultural University and a PhD in crop biology in The University of Newcastle, Australia. Youhong has done a couple of Postdocs in CIRAD, France and The University of Queensland, Gatton, Australia. Now he is holding a Professorship in crop cultivation physiology in Anhui Agricultural University, China and adjunct associate Professor in The University of Queensland, QAAFI since 2015. Also Youhong serves a general co-chair of plant growth modeling, simulation, visualisation (PMA2018). His research interest is to boost crop productivity coping with poor soil fertility and abiotic stresses by employing multi-discipline knowledge including crop agronomy, biology and modeling


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