As QAAFI research programs have a strong commercial focus, we need our QAAFI-advised students to agree to certain confidentiality and intellectual property provisions.

Students are likely to be involved in research projects (your own or those of your peers) that are directly or indirectly funded through private sources. These funds are typically provided on certain conditions in relation to the intellectual property which will be created as part of the funded research. In order for the University to fulfil these obligations it is required that all people working on these externally funded projects provide the necessary rights to the University. It is for these reasons that all students are asked to assign the ownership of any potential IP (intellectual property) they create during the course of their study at QAAFI.

Please ensure you consult with your potential QAAFI supervisor about whether you need to complete the UQ Student Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement (SIPCA or IPA) before starting the process with our student administration team by the following deadlines:

  • The UQ Student Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement is compulsory for all QAAFI-enrolled HDR (Higher Degree Research) students and the fully executed hardcopies must be finalised within four (4) weeks of the HDR commencement or when requested to do so (whichever is earlier).
  • For all other QAAFI-advised students (i.e. HDR students enrolled in other UQ units, Vacation Scholars, Honours, Masters Coursework, undergraduates, etc), the Student Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement execution is at the discretion of your QAAFI supervisor as it depends on the individual project collaboration and funding circumstances. The UQ Student Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement hardcopies need to be finalised at least four (4) weeks prior to your project commencement.

SIPCA administration process

Read UQ’s Student IP information sheet for further details about the Student IP Assignment and Confidentiality Agreement (SIPCA) and download the SIPCA deed via Graduate School's website:

Read and download the Student IP Assignment and Confidentiality Deed

Read the QAAFI Completing SIPCA Guide to help you fill it out:

Download the QAAFI SIPCA completion guide

Pre-existing Intellectual Property

If you personally own any Intellectual Property (IP) where you have done any research in another institution prior to your UQ commencement then you need to declare it to UQ. Otherwise any IP used or disclosed during your UQ enrolment will be treated as University owned IP.

You will need to review all the tabs of UQ Policy and Procedures Library (UQ PPL) regarding UQ's Pre-Existing IP and submit the notification form to the QAAFI HDR team by the deadline stated in Procedures - Section 5.3

Click to download the 'Notification of Pre-Existing IP Form' via the Forms tab


In regards to your IP assignment or the confidentiality obligations, please contact Bob Landon via or QAAFI student administration team via


Filename convention

All QAAFI-advised students need to ensure your electronic SIPCA filename reflects your full name - e.g. SURNAME Given-names - UQ SIPCA format.

Contact the student administration team via to arrange the submission of the hardcopies in advance of your relevant deadline.