Queensland Science making a difference

Queensland science makes a difference in Queensland and globally. We focus on science that is important for ourselves, our region and the planet. Find out more about Queensland science and join us in making a difference. 

Queensland Science is addressing some of the biggest challenges the world faces—the health of our communities, and environments; the quality and quantity of food available; abundant clean energy; and sustainable economies.

Queensland has great strength across all the fields of science. But we’re particularly strong in applying that in the real world. So the eco-sciences, the agricultural sciences, health sciences, are areas where we have clear strength.

The human population is rapidly expanding and it's a challenge to have enough nutritious food growing and available where it's most needed. In the face of a changing climate we are making crops more resilient, making them more drought and more disease tolerant.

Helping farmers to be more adaptable to the ever-changing conditions.  Harnessing information technology plays another big role. Farmers here and across the Asia Pacific region use our tools to make decisions about when and what to plant. We are helping farmers to produce more food that is healthier with fewer inputs. Getting better results for the food industry, consumers and the environment.

Visit the Queensland Government website to learn more about Queensland science, view the capability directory, locate major science precincts, and watch the latest Queensland Science making a difference videos produced by the Queensland Government. 

The Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation is a research institute at The University of Queensland supported by the Queensland Government via the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

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