We are looking for our creative scientists at the QAAFI to submit entries of their work for the QAAFI research image contest, with the chance to win fabulous prizes. 
This contest is open to all QAAFI staff and students - simply submit an image​ for your chance to win!


  • First Place: $250 Coles voucher and their image printed and hung at the QAAFI office 
  • Second Place: $100 Coles voucher 
  • Third Place: $50 Coles voucher

People's Choice

There will be a people's choice by popular vote via social media, our judges will select the top 10 entries and run a vote through Facebook. Winner of the people's choice will receive a cafe Genies coffee card (Liz suggests $50 Coles voucher due to off-siters)

Your entry can be

  • ​Photograph​y from around the lab or field work
  • Macro/artistsic shots of plants or animals 
  • Images from microscopy, microimaging, etc
  • Computer generated imagery (such as a 3D model or diagram)
  • Images can be photoshopped/manipulated to add colour, lighting, etc
    You can enter with different images as many times as you like! 

Each entry should

  • Must be YOUR OWN photo, that you have taken with a camera (or through a microscope or computer generated system) 
  • Be high resolution (at least 2000px wide) We need the photo Hi-Res
  • Have a caption that describes what the image is

Please don't enter with

  • Photos of your children or pets 
  • Family holiday photos


1. Enter in 5 easy steps

  1. Click on the button​ below​ to start the upload
  2. Select the file to upload, Click Ok
  3. Fill out all the fields (image caption, etc)
  4. Click Save
  5. You will be shown your uploaded image
    this means your upload was successful

By uploading an image you agree to our full terms and conditions (outlined below)​. All image filetypes are accepted. If you have questions about the competition or problems uploading your image please contact the Marketing and Communications Team qaaficomms@uq.edu.au 

Entries Close ....