Researcher biography

Dr Dongxue Zhao is a Research Fellow within the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation at The University of Queensland, Australia. Her research aims to contribute to sustainable gains in crop productivity by improving our understanding of how crop-soil interactions determine crop and root growth, water and nutrient uptake, and final yield. In her research, she combines innovative proximal and remote sensing techniques of crops, soils and roots, with predictive modelling and artificial intelligence tools. These include integrating electromagnetic induction (EMI) techniques, and drone and satellite imagery to monitor crop root growth and water use dynamics over time; 3D mapping of soil properties and sub-soil constraints to map resource constraints; time-lapse imaging of soil wetting and drying cycles for applications in irrigated cropping; developing new hyperspectral libraries for the rapid estimation of plant, crop and soil properties; data fusion and machine learning in the landscape mapping of soil carbon, plant water and nutrients availability.

Research Interests

  • Phenotyping crop rooting systems in the field
  • 3D characterization of soil water content and crop water use
  • Developing new spectral databases for measuring and monitoring soil and plant properties