John led Agri-Science Queensland—the state’s primary agricultural science research, development and extension (RD&E) service. Employing over 600 staff, this group provides or commissions RD&E services to support the animal, plant, forestry, aquaculture and fisheries industries in Queensland.

John plays a critical role in building the state’s RD&E capability by forging partnerships with major universities and commercial partners. He also oversees the provision of research funding to the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation at The University of Queensland, to other Queensland universities and to Sugar Research Australia.

John’s focus is to ensure that the department’s research and development is aimed at productivity improvement and consequent profitability with environmentally sustainable principles for Queensland’s food and fibre industries.

John has led the group since 2010 and holds qualifications in both science and business administration.

Information from: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries annual report 2014–15 Our Department online here. 

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