Saskia is a first year PhD candidate at the Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences. Her project aims to develop food products with a focus on ingredients from native Australian seaweed, which will be investigated in conjunction with Venus Shell Systems. The project target will be to define compositional and sensory properties of algal ingredients, to overcome barriers to product formulation, and identify new market opportunities and applications.

She was born in Germany and raised in the Czech Republic. During her bachelor’s degree in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, she completed a practical training at the University of Chicago (USA) with the aim to identify the role of bacteria in small intestinal lipid absorption.
Afterwards, she pursued a master’s program in Food Innovation and Health at the University of Copenhagen (DK), which included a semester abroad at the Wageningen University & Research (NL).

Publications: Martinez-Guryn, K., Hubert, N., Frazier, K., Urlass, S., Musch, M. W., Ojeda, P., ... & Reardon, C. A. (2018). Small intestine microbiota regulate host digestive and absorptive adaptive responses to dietary lipids. Cell host & microbe, 23(4), 458-469.