Researcher biography

Karishma is an agricultural biotechnologist specialising in applications of nanotechnology to improve animal health. Her PhD with Prof Neena Mitter was a part of a multi-disciplinary research project facilitated by the Queensland Government Research Partnerships (~3.6 M) at QAAFI in partnership with AIBN, School of Global Animal health, Washington State University (WSU) and industry partner Zoetis. This research, for the first time, established silica nanomaterials as carriers and self-adjuvants for vaccine delivery against Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus.

As an Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellow at QAAFI she is leading the research on developing next generation nanopesticides with improved safety and performance. She is exploiting nanotechnology along with molecular tools to develop innovative sustainable solutions for real-world problems like sheep blowfly/lice and fire-ants.