Researcher biography

Main area of interest is in the biology and control of parasites, disease vectors and nuisance flies associated with domestic livestock species. Research areas include the biology and population dynamics of livestock pests and parasites; development of controls based on natural plant extracts, fungal biopesticides and entomopathogenic nematodes; physical and cultural controls; breeding for parasite resistance; host immunity to parasites; detection, monitoring and early warning systems for livestock pests; optimal and strategic use of pesticides; controlled release and strategic release formulations of insecticides and repellents for livestock parasite control, measurement and management of pesticide resistance and the potential for the use of repellents to protect animals against external parasites. Dr James has been involved with projects across most of Australia’s major livestock industries, has led projects towards the design of IPM programs and web based expert systems for pests in a range of livestock systems, and provides consultancy and contract testing of pest controls and therapeutics for a number of veterinary pharmaceutical companies

Dr James joined QAAFI’s Centre for Animal Science in October 2010. He was previously Senior Principal Scientist and leader of the Integrated Parasite Management Group at the Queensland Government’s Animal Research Institute and EcoSciences Precinct, following more than 20 years as researcher and lecturer at the South Australian Research and Development Institute, University of Adelaide and South Australian Department of Agriculture. Peter obtained his B.AgSc., and Dip. Ed. from the University of Adelaide, a Masters in Pest Management from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver and PhD in Entomology from the University of Minnesota. Peter has worked with ectoparasites and nuisance insects associated with production systems across most of Australia’s major livestock industries and regularly provides consultancy services to the animal industries and veterinary pharmaceutical companies.