Emily is a third-year PhD candidate in QAAFI’s Centre for Animal Science at The University of Queensland.

Growing up in Ecuador, Emily was surrounded by natural richness and biodiversity which are inspired her curiosity to pursue a degree in biological sciences. 

In 2017, she completed a Bachelor of Biotechnology (Hons I) with the support of a full scholarship from the Government of Ecuador. She then became a recipient of an RTP scholarship from the Australian Government which currently supports her postgraduate candidature. Emily now uses these opportunities as the basis to advocate for girl’s and women’s participation in science. She co-created the podcast “ILLUMINATA” which highlights the stories of women in agriculture to inspire the next generation of agricultural scientists.

She has held leadership roles at the postgraduate student association at QAAFI for which she has received recognition awards.

Her doctoral research is on investigating biomarkers to predict tick resistance in cattle.


Areas of research