Professor Daniel Rodriguez completed his MSc and PhD at Dept of Theoretical Production Ecology, Wageningen University The Netherlands. He has a background in crop eco-physiology and systems modelling with an extensive record of publications in high-impact scientific journals. In 2001 he moved to Australia where he worked at the Victorian and Qld DPI, before moving to UQ-QAAFI in 2010. His research explores the functioning of agricultural systems, usually working in multidisciplinary teams with the participation of farmers, private consultants, agribusinesses, and policy.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Wageningen University
  • Master of Science in Crop Science, Wageningen University

Researcher biography

My research is focused on exploring the functioning of agricultural systems. My projects are often carried out in multidisciplinary teams and with the participation of multiple stakeholders e.g. farmers, private consultants, agribusinesses, policy. My aims are to understand how people make decisions and act, how those decisions can be informed, and how the final actions affect the performance of crops, animals, farm businesses, the broader environment and the social and food systems. I also provide science leadership to a multidisciplinary team of crop physiologists, agronomists, modellers and socio-economists i.e. QAAFI Farming Systems Research Group. The key mission of this group is to identify pathways for the sustainable intensification of agriculture in Australia and in low-income countries.