Researcher biography

Dr Stephen Anderson is a animal physiologist with expertise in endocrinology.

Stephen completed an Agriculture Science degree (USydney) and then a PhD in ruminant reproduction at Armidale (UNE and CSIRO). With the demise of the Aust Wool Corporation and major shifts in rural R&D funding late last century, Stephen made a move into biomedical sciences with research in human endocrinology, on NHMRC funded projects at UQ. From 2000 Stephen has been a Teaching and Research academic at UQ and is currently in the Faculty of Medicine. However Stephen's passion for animals, together with his skills and expertise, brought him back to animal & agricultural research. He currently works on northern Aust beef cattle (bone growth and phosphorus deficiency), feedlot cattle (heat stress), horses (laminitis), and cats (flea sensitivity, diabetes).

Stephen is head of the UQ Laboratory for Animal Endocrinology

Areas of research