Queensland to lead Australia’s animal welfare research

With the appointment of Professor Alan Tilbrook to lead animal welfare research at QAAFI, Queensland will become the leader of animal welfare research in Australia. Since 2013, Professor Tilbrook has operated as Research Provider Champion and Chair of the Steering Committee for the National Animal Welfare Research, Development and Extension Strategy. He will continue in these roles, while Andrew Spencer, CEO of Australian Pork Ltd, remains as the Research Funder Champion. Professor Tilbrook will also continue to chair the annual National Animal Welfare Research, Development and Extension Forum. 


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Researcher biography

Professor Tilbrook is a national and international leader in animal welfare science. He is also internationally renowned for his research in animal science and biomedical science (endocrinology, neuroendocrinology, behaviour, stress, and reproduction). Professor Tilbrook has an outstanding balanced portfolio in leadership, strategic planning, research, academia, education and government. He has established The Animal Welfare Collaborative, a national initiative to improve the welfare of animals in Australia. The Animal Welfare Collaborative is led by four Australian universities, who make the science of animal welfare more accessible and usable and who act as a bridge for industries, governments, and community groups to work together to deliver better animal welfare outcomes for Australia. The Animal Welfare Collaborative provides non-partisan independence, credibility, and scientific rigour. Professor Tilbrook is the Chair and Research Champion of the National Animal Welfare Research, Development and Extension Strategy. He was a founding member of the Animal Welfare Science Centre and served as Deputy Director and Co-director of the Centre, was the Research Chief of Livestock and Farming Systems at the South Australian Research and Development Institute, was Deputy Head of the Department of Physiology at Monash University and has held many national and local leadership roles. Professor Tilbrook's research is conceptually driven with a multidisciplinary and integrative approach. He has developed cutting edge research programs across a range of species including sheep, pigs, poultry, cattle, goats, rodents, horses and humans. Professor Tilbrook places a huge emphasis on collaboration, training and professional development.