Dr Al Jassim is  a Nutrition Biochemist and Gut Microbiologist who is  holding an Honorary Associate Professor position at the Centre of Animal Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation. 

Dr Rafat Al Jassim is an animal scientist with specialisation in Nutrition Biochemistry and Gut Microbiology and their application to bovine, equine and camel husbandry. He has experience in nutrition research especially of the ruminant animals. During the past 19 years, the focus of his research programs was on the impact of commensal gut microorganisms in large animal health and disease and the role of gut microbial ecology in the nutrition of domesticated and wild herbivores. Interaction between diet and the microbial community of the intensively managed animals has been of particular interest. Recent research programs have dealt with variety of topics including the use of plant extracts to control pathogenic microorganisms such as Campylobacter, isolation of  bacteria with the ability to degrade mimosine and prevent leucaena toxicity, monensin toxicity in camels, seasonal changes in tropical grass quality and its impact on methane emission and rumen microbiota, impact of heat stress on rumen microbiota, the development of probiotic bacteria to reduce or prevent the risk of acidosis in ruminants and the effect of indospicine in camels.  

Dr Rafat Al Jassim is a graduate of Baghdad University (BSc Animal Science), the University of Wales UK (MSc Animal Nutrition) and the University of New South Wales, Australia (PhD Animal Nutrition). Before joining UQ in 2000, Dr Al Jassim was a Senior Research fellow at the University of New England (1997-2000), visiting Scientist at Ian Clunies Ross Laboratories CSIRO Sydney (1995-1997), Associate Professor at Jordan University of Science and Technology (1991-1995), and Associate Professor at Baghdad University (1985-1991). Dr Al Jassim has recently retired from The University of Queensland after 16 years of service at Gatton Campus. 

Areas of research