Name Project Title Principal adviser
Oladipupo Adiamo Extraction and Characterization of Bioactive Peptides with Antioxidative and Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Activities Derived from Proteins of Australian Acacia sp. Prof Yasmina Sultanbawa
Rimjhim Agarwal Identification of genetic variants in orange-pigmented capsicum and chillli of the Capsicum annuum, C. chinense, and C. baccatum species. AsPr Tim O'Hare
Oluwaseun Akinlade Understanding the genetics of crop root architecture AsPr Lee Hickey
Othman Aldossary Jojoba Genomics for Stress Tolerance Prof Robert Henry
Batlah Almutairi Extraction of oligosaccharides from Australian native food plants and its applications in probiotic food systems Prof Yasmina Sultanbawa
Bader Alsubaie Jojoba Genomics for Sex Determination Prof Robert Henry
Asad Amin Integrating crop modelling and genomics to improve plant breeding AsPr Lee Hickey
Kalpani Galaihalage Ananda Sorghum Genomics: Diversity and evolution of the Sorghum genus and the role of cyanogenesis Prof Robert Henry

Michel Beya

Effects of Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activities of Australian Native Plant Extracts on The Safety and Quality of Value-added Meat Products Prof Louw Hoffman
Michael Bird Maximizing gains from selection in Eucalyptus AsPr Craig Hardner
Eshetu Bobasa Evaluation of urolithins obtained from ellagitannins in Kakadu plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana) Prof Yasmina Sultanbawa
Fernanda Borges Naito Differential plant gene expression in response to tospovirus and rhabdovirus infection and viral counter-defense AsPr Ralf Dietzgen
Tatiana Briody Identification of the host and viral transcripts that are post-transcriptionally regulated by the microRNAs encoded by bovine herpesvirus 1 Prof Timothy Mahony
Alexander Bui Design rules for nutritionally---functional grains Prof Michael Gidley
Jed Calvert Fungal Endophytes in the Iron Range Dr Roger Shivas
Grant Chambers Study of viroids in Australian citriculture AsPr Andrew Geering
Madan Kumar Chapagai Preparation and characterization of chemically modified wheat starch for selective adsorption during mineral flotation Prof Michael Gidley
Chensong Chen New mate allocation strategies to accelerate genetic gain in agricultural species Prof Ben Hayes
Vallari Chourasia Catalytic Conversion of Sugarcane Bagasse into Aromatics and High- Value Platform Chemicals Prof Robert Henry
Sadia Chowdhury Authentication of uniquely Australian food products with claimed health benefits Prof Mary Fletcher
Astrid Coba Cedeno Heat Tolerance (HT) in lactating sows: dietary strategies, metabolic biomarkers and microbiome signature Prof Eugeni Roura
James Copley Improving fertility in Northern Beef cattle with Genomic selection Prof Ben Hayes
Pragya Dhakal Poudel Investigating Rootstock mediated vigour control in macadamia Dr Mobashwer Alam
Daniel Edge-Garza Global prediction for genetic improvement of apple AsPr Craig Hardner
Brandon Fraser Improving the nitrogen efficiency in tropically adapted cattle AsPr Luis Silva
Tolera Fufa Identification of heterotic pools in maize germplasm adapted to mid altitude sub humid agro-ecology of Ethiopia Prof Ian Godwin
Selina Fyfe Characterising the potential of the green plum (Buchanania obovata) as a native Australian fruit Prof Yasmina Sultanbawa
Sera Susan Jacob Wattle seeds for nutritional foods Prof Michael Gidley
Elisabet Garcia Puig Slowing down intestinal passage rate to decrease diarrhoea risk and ZnO dependence in weaned piglets Prof Eugeni Roura
Geetika Physiological constraints to yield of mungbean iin dryland and irrigated conditions AsPr RCN Rachaputi
Russell Gordon Mitigating the effects of the plant toxin Simplexin on Australian livestock Prof Mary Fletcher
Uwe Grewer Bio economic modelling of farming systems under climate change for ex ante assessments of agricultural development policies Prof Daniel Rodriguez
Louisa Hallett The Role of PIN Genes in Sorghum and Barley Architecture Dr Karen Massel
Sharmin Hasan Diversity of domestication loci in wild rice populations. Prof Robert Henry
Bao Tram Hoang Molecular basis of topical dsRNA application in viral defence and pest resistance in crop plants Prof Neena Mitter
Wei Hu Endogenous fatty acid desaturation of palmitic to palmitoleic acid  in macadamia kernel tissue. AsPr Tim O'Hare
Ritesh Jain Topical application of RNA interfrence to manage insect pests of horticultural crops Prof Neena Mitter
Jacob Jose Investigating the phosphonic acid-mediated suppression of Phytophthora cinnamomi in avocado AsPr Elizabeth Dann
Muhammad Kamran Variation amongst cattle in susceptibility to the effects of ticks and biting flies and the determination of phenotypic and immunological markers for resistance Dr Peter James
Yichen Kang Improving root system architecture of future crops AsPr Lee Hickey
Stephane Kern Choice analysis evaluating factors influencing horticultural crop cultivars adoption and how those are accounted for in bio-economic modelling A/Prof Craig Hardner
Asad Khan Biology of Amaranthus retroflexus and Amaranthus viridis Prof Bhagirath Chauhan
Jahangir Khan Investigating the epidemiology, impact and management of biotic agents in macadamia nurseries in Australia A/Prof Femi Akinsanmi
Sana Ullah Khan Accelerated genome editing to speed up genetic gain in crops AsPr Lee Hickey
Gethmini Kodagoda Assessment of the nutritional quality of Australian grown Plumcot Dr Michael Netzel
Yasmine Lam Analysis of PIN and VRN families in cereals to manipulate plant architecture Prof Ian Godwin
Harrison Lamb Crush side genotype to accelerate genetic gain in livestock Prof Ben Hayes
Emily Lancaster Epidemiology, impact and management of myrtle rust in Lemon Myrtle plantations Prof Andre Drenth
Caili Li High-amylose wheat flour as a functional food ingredient Prof Michael Gidley
Mengwei Li Sorghum and maize establishment in cold and drying soils Dr Joe Eyre
Zhi Hung Loh Mitigating the Effects of the Toxin Simplexin in Pimelea Poisoning of Cattle by Developing a Microbial Probiotic Prof Mary Fletcher
Amy Mackenzie Protecting wheat from stripe rust disease through rapid transfer of resistance from landraces Dr Sam Periyannan
Sachini Manatunga Genome diversity in the Macadamia genus Prof Robert Henry
Emily Mantilla Valdivieso Cattle tick and buffalo fly host biomarkers for resistance Prof Ala Tabor
James McLean Proximal and remote sensing as tools to assist data collection in extensive maize and sorghum agronomic trials Prof Daniel Rodriguez
Donald McMurrich Canopy Manipulation of Sorghum to create a more efficient, stress tolerant plant with increased yield. Prof Ian Godwin
Mohamed Zakeel Mohamed Cassim Unravelling the biotic cause and interaction of abnormal vertical growth in macadamia AsPr Femi Akinsanmi
Vheena Mohankumar Biology and epidemiology of Botryosphaeria associated with branch dieback and tree death in macadamia AsPr Femi Akinsanmi
Morteza Moradidivkolaie Use of nitrogen metabolism parameters to identify feed efficient animals and estimate nitrogen excretion A/Prof Luis Prada e Silva
Norman Munyengwa Genomic prediction in mango A/Prof Craig Hardner
Sharif Nada Modelling Glycogen Structure and Metabolism Prof Bob Gilbert
Muhammad Naseem Pathogenesis of buffalo fly lesions and factors determining variation in susceptibility amongst cattle Dr Peter James
Onkar Nath Improving avocado through genomic analysis Prof Neena Mitter
Kim Seng Galex Neoh Assessing Australian wheat quality for Japanese ramen noodles Dr Glen Fox
Jasmine Ngo Understanding compositional-physical relationships with texture and mouthfeel of coffee mixer beverages AsPr Heather Smyth
Thu Ha Ngo Post-translational processing of the caulimovirid capsid protein and utilisation of antipeptide antibodies for diagnosis AsPr Andrew Geering
Dongdong Ni Plant cell wall architecture and molecular organisation Prof Michael Gidley
Jasmine Nunn Genetic variation in Macadamia for resistance to Husk Spot, Pseudocercospora macadamiae Prof Bruce Topp
Sari Nurulita Virus-Infected Garlic in Australia and Indonesia, and Factors Affecting Disease Epidemiology AsPr John Thomas
Adam O'Donoghue Assessing the bioactivity of tomato extracts from varieties with unique carotenoid profiles on human in vitro prostate cancer cell lines AsPr Tim O'Hare
Angela O'Keeffe Genetic solutions for determining fibre quality traits in sugarcane Prof Robert Henry
Oladapo Olukomaiya Evaluation of natural antioxidant sources as functional ingredients in animal feed Prof Yasmina Sultanbawa
Chian Teng Ong Pathogenomics of infectious causes of bovine infertility in northern Australia Prof Ala Tabor
Daniel Otwani Exploring the genome landscape of heterosis in sorghum Dr Emma Mace
Adhini Pazhany Expression genomics to widen the gene pool of sugarcane for improved biomass partitioning Prof Robert Henry
Kandeeparoopan Prasannath Etiology of flower blight complex in macadamia AsPr Femi Akinsanmi

Gayathri Rajagopal 

A bioeconomic model for valuing the unique biodiversity of wild harvested Australian native foods products for commercial markets AsPr Daniel Cozzolino
Charlotte Rambla Optimising root systems in wheat AsPr Lee Hickey
Jane Ray Biology and Epidemiology of the Banana Blood Disease Prof Andre Drenth
Apurba Lal Ray Genetic factors affecting anthocyanin development in purple-pericarp sweetcorn AsPr Tim O'Hare
Dipika Roy Understanding the genetics of spot blotch resistance in barley AsPr Lee Hickey
Michael Ryoo How to make antibiotics in pig feed redundant, naturally Prof Eugeni Roura
Mahendraraj Sabampillai Genotypic variation for effect of heat stress during reproductive phase in pigeonpea AsPr RCN Rachaputi
Shammy Sarwar Innovative non thermal technologies for treatment of fungal contamination in strawberries Prof Yasmina Sultanbawa
Maral Seidi Damyeh Use of novel, clean, green technologies for the extraction of plant bioactive compounds of commercial value for shelf life extension of capsicum Prof Yasmina Sultanbawa
Loretta Serafin Improving the reliability and profitability of sorghum in north west NSW Prof Daniel Rodriguez
Zeping Shao Phenotype and genotype association between food allergy and taste Prof Eugeni Roura
Priyanka Sharma Macadamia Genomics Prof Robert Henry
Kanwal Shazadi Can genetic variations in root architectural development during the crop cycle affect wheat productivity in water-limited environments? Dr Karine Chenu
Eugenie Singh Investigating fungi causing fruit stem end rot and branch dieback in avocado AsPr Liz Dann
John Smith The impact of irrigation methods and management strategies on nitrogen fertiliser recovery in cotton in southern QLD Prof Michael Bell
Sukirtha Srivarathan Nutritional quality of selected Australian native fruits and Australian grown produce Dr Michael Netzel
Xiaochen Sun Studies on Glaesserella australis Dr Conny Turni
Basam Tabet Manipulating sorghum grain size and plant architecture Prof Ian Godwin
Tatsuyoshi Takagi Factors affecting flesh colour of mango fruit (Mangifera indica) and subsequent potential health benefit A/Prof Tim O'Hare
Xiaoyan Tan Structural features controlling germination and other functional properties of barley Prof Bob Gilbert
Keyu Tao Understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling sensory properties in starch containing foods Prof Bob Gilbert
Zerihun Tadesse Tarekegn Integrating speed breeding and association mapping strategies to identify and introgress genes for key pathology and agronomic traits in bread wheat in Ethiopia AsPr Lee Hickey
Wei-An Tsai How do plant small RNAs mediate resistance to insect-borne virus infection under heat stress? AsPr Ralf Dietzgen
Saskia Urlass Australian native seaweed for diet diversification Dr Michael Netzel
Shanice Van Haeften New tools and insight to breed high yielding mungbean varieties with synchronous flowering AsPr Lee Hickey
Yujun Wan The benefits of slowly digestible food for diabetic rats Prof Bob Gilbert
Shaoyang Wang A systematic approach to understanding wine texture and mouthfeel. AsPr Heather Smyth
Christie Warburton Genomics approaches to improve productivity in cattle Prof Ben Hayes
Clare Wijngaarden Market Insights for Australian Native foods AsPr Heather Smyth
Tristan Wimpenny Identification of the role of microRNAs in Bovine Herpesvirus 1 replication and virulence. Prof Timothy Mahony
Albert Chern Sun Wong Manipulation of genes to manage drought resistance in field crops Prof Andrew Borrell
Melissa Wooderson Analgesia and Haemostasis to achieve high standards of beef calf welfare in northern Australia Dr Geoffry Fordyce
Seema Yadav Optimising genomic selection in sugarcane Prof Ben Hayes
Hong Yao Microbiome responses to food carbohydrates Prof Michael Gidley
Hans Yates Atypical saccharides in emerging and novel foods Prof Mary Fletcher
Jiali Zhang Stingless bee enzymes for biotransformation of cane sugar to a low GI sugar Prof Mary Fletcher
Mengge Zhang A tool box for developing wheat cultivars with improved root systems AsPr Lee Hickey
Shaobo Zhang Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of Starch Prof Bob Gilbert
Yingting Zhao The influence of amylose in high-starch foods on biosynthesis-structure-property relations Prof Bob Gilbert
Xiaoyu Zhi Predicting Photosynthetic Capacity from Hyperspectral Data in Sorghum Dr Barbara George-Jaeggli
Miaomiao Zhou Starch and lipids in food: structural effects on brain function Prof Eugeni Roura
Ngoc Lan Anh Huynh   Determining crop growth and crop type attributes from hyperspectral sensing & environmental data utilising and machine learning algorithms A/Prof Andries Potgieter