GRDC Grains Research Update (Dalby)

In 2021, to better manage risks associated with COVID-19, the 2-day GRDC Grains Research Update at Goondiwindi has been split into two one-day events at Dalby (2 March) and Narrabri (4 March). If you are involved in the production side of the grains industry, these are events that you cannot afford to miss. Come along and hear the latest grains research information, share ideas and update your knowledge. Numbers could be quite constrained as a result of COVID-19, so book early to avoid disappointment. For those who can’t attend, we will be livestreaming both the Narrabri and Dalby Updates free of charge.

Topics at the Dalby Update:

  • Cereal pathology update - learnings from 2020; planning for 2021; latest trial outcomes; barley powdery mildew in 2020; is stripe rust the death knock for some varieties? Lisle Snyman (DAF Qld)
  • Satellites and other useful data sources that are ready for immediate benefit for on-farm decision making. Tim Neale (Data Farming)
  • ConstraintID – a free web-based tool to identify areas where soil constraints are most likely to be limiting crop yields. Yash Dang (UQ)
  • Amelioration for sodicity - deep ripping and soil amendment research.  Engineering challenges; yield responses to ripping, gypsum and organic matter placement in constrained soils. David Lester (DAF Qld)
  • Identification of crop-specific and varietal tolerance limits to sodicity. Jack Christopher (UQ)
  • Optimising chickpea sowing and flowering dates for maximum yield. Allan Peake (CSIRO)
  • The drivers of phenology for more profitable sowing decisions – balancing risk of abiotic stresses when selecting cereal varieties to optimise yield potential in southern QLD. Felicity Harris (NSW DPI)
  • Fall armyworm - an Update. Melina Miles (DAF Qld)
  • Herbicide resistance survey results. Fleabane, feathertop Rhodes grass, barnyard grass, sowthistle, windmill grass. Michael Widderick (DAF Qld)
  • Glyphosate resistance and optimising performance; Optimising clethodim efficacy; Update of wild oat resistance tests from NSW/Qld. Peter Boutsalis (Plant Science Consulting)
  • Weed ecology, seed persistence and retention - implications for management and harvest weed seed capture. (Barnyard grass, feathertop Rhodes grass, windmill grass and sow thistle). Also: New data on resistance in feathertop Rhodes grass and sow thistle. Bhagirath Chauhan (UQ/QAAFI)

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Registration*: 8:30am for a 9am start. Finish 4:20pm. Cost: $100 pp. face-to-face (Cheques payable to ICAN Pty. Ltd.). Lunch, morning tea, afternoon tea and proceedings provided. No cost to view live streamed, however registration is essential.

*As we will be operating under COVID-safe guidelines, registration is essential.  We may not be able to accept walk-ins on the day.

(Agenda subject to change)

Live stream of the events

In addition to being run as face to face Updates, the Dalby GRDC Grains Research Update on the 2nd of March 2021 and the Narrabri GRDC Grains Research Update on the 4th of March 2021 will also be live streamed for online viewing.

We hope that as many as possible will be able to attend the GRDC Grains Research Updates face to face but understand that due to venue capacity restrictions for social distancing and travel restrictions, not everyone will be able to attend. As a result, we are streaming these days for people to watch live remotely.

Those that register for the live stream will receive a link to the live stream close to the event. You will be able to ask questions and interact with speakers and hear questions from the audience. If you are not able to make it face to face, why not watch it with a group of your clients or colleagues?

Contact name: Erica McKay, Contact email: Contact phone: 0294824930, Contact website:

Cost (in AUD$): $100
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