Abstract: Cryopreservation combined with in vitro culture offers a safe and cost-effective method to conserve germplasm. Conservation of Persea spp. has been limited to heterozygous somatic embryos that are not true-to-type. A method for shoot-tip cryopreservation is vital to preserve the exact gene pool of interest. For the first time cryopreservation protocols for mature shoot tips of two avocado cultivars (cvs) ‘Velvick’ and ‘Reed’, were established. In vitro shoots were subjected to two different optimised pre-treatments; (1) cv ‘Velvick’—high sucrose (0.3 M) or (2) cv ‘Reed’—low temperature (10 °C) incubation, over a 2-week period prior shoot tip dissection. Two different plant vitrification solutions, plant vitrification solution 2 (PVS2) and vitrification solution L (VSL) were tested at 0 °C for 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40 min. Vitrified shoots were evaluated for survival and regrowth after 8 weeks vitrification treatment and either with or without liquid nitrogen exposure. The study revealed that the optimal exposure time for each cultivar varied with the cryoprotectant used. After liquid nitrogen cv ‘Velvick’ highest regrowth levels were observed with 20 min exposure to either PVS2 or VSL, however, vigorous plants were produced only from VSL treated shoots. In the case of cv ‘Reed’ highest regrowth levels were observed with 10 min exposure to PVS2 however only morphologically normal plants were recovered from VSL treated shoots.

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Chris O’Brien, PhD candidate in the Mitter group conducting research in plant tissue culture, disease resistance and conservation of sub-tropical and tropical crops. Specialising in cryopreservation using both embryo and shoot tips, plant tissue culture, meristem culture, clonal propagation. My innovation creating change by research at University of Queensland by “development of a cryopreservation protocol for avocado apical shoot tips” is a revolutionary platform technology impacting on preserving the world’s genetic resources in a space, time, labour and cost-effective manner protected from pests, diseases and climate change.

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