The AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program is hosting a series of free nutrition themed webinars.

The first webinar in the nutrition series will focus on reduced protein diets.

Topics covered will include:

  • Optimising amino acid profiles and energy in reduced protein diets

  • Utilisation of synthetic amino acids and Branched chain amino acids in wheat based, crude protein reduced diets

  • Response of meat chickens to arginine in reduced protein diets

  • The response of broilers to insoluble fibre and exogenous enzymes in low protein diets

  • Dietary manipulation of nutrient-specific appetite in broiler chickens


Guest speakers

Dr Peter Selle

University of Sydney

Peter was awarded his PhD in 2001 and joined the Poultry Research Foundation the following year.  His interests include phytate and phytase, sorghum as a feed grain for chicken-meat production, whole grain feeding, starch and protein digestive dynamics and reduced-crude protein diets for broiler chickens.

Dr Sonia Liu

University of Sydney

Sonia is an animal scientist developing nutritional strategy for poultry to address global challenges in food security, sustainability and climate change. The topics she explores include digestive synchrony, reduced protein diets, impact of climate on feed grain quality and feed enzyme supplementation.

Professor Eugeni Roura

QAAFI at The University of Queensland

Eugeni is a Research Scientist at the QAAFI Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences at the University of Queensland (UQ). His general area of expertise is in non-ruminant (monogatric) nutrition. His specific interests relate to the gastrointestinal mechanisms orchestrating feed/food intake.

Professor Bob Swick

Poultry Hub Australia

Bob currently holds the position of Industry Research Coordinator at Poultry Hub Australia. Prior to that he was Professor of Poultry Nutrition at the University of New England. His current research interests are animal energetics, protein and amino acid nutrition, nutrient metabolism, and gut health.

Associate Professor Shubiao Wu

University of New England

Shubiao has worked in poultry nutrition and health for 12 years.  His interests in poultry focus on net energy and necrotic enteritis together with energy metabolism and gut health. Shubiao has interdisciplinary expertise in both animal and plant fields, particularly in molecular genetics, gut microflora, necrotic enteritis and net energy.

This webinar will be facilitated on behalf of the AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland (PRJ-011920).