Join the discussion on "FitBits and calving cows - bringing together science and new technologies" with Anita Chang (Central Queensland University) and Tim Schatz (NT Department of Primary Industries & Resources), hosted by Luis Prada e Silva (UQ QAAFI) - president of the AAAS Qld & NT Branch.

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Topics of discussion:

Anita Chang

  • Anita is a third-year PhD candidate investigating
    Remote autonomous detection of calving and calf mortality using on-animal sensing systems. 
  • Anita will be discussing her project, which is sponsored by Telstra and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and is using on-animal sensors – including GPS trackers and accelerometers which measure subtle animal movements – to better understand the causes of calf loss in order to support the industry’s push to develop an early-intervention alert system for graziers.

Tim Schatz 

  • Tim is the Principal Livestock Research Officer - NT Department of Primary Industries & Resources and has an interest in most areas of beef research. The most recent areas that he has specialised in are; heifer fertility, genetics, crossbreeding, phosphorus nutrition, calf loss and rotational grazing.
  • As a follow on from his recent webinar with FutureBeef, Tim will be discussing the CalfWatch project which is being conducted near Katherine NT. The focus of the CalfWatch project is to develop a system to remotely monitor calving under extensive conditions and then use it to investigate the causes of calf loss which costs the northern beef industry more than $54 million annually.

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