The Australian beef industry is constantly working towards increased productivity and profitability through better management – but what science, technologies and practices are going to get us there? 

Join MLA at this beef industry breakfast to hear about the investments that are delivering 'transformational change' for Australian beef. 

Hear from School of Agriculture and Food Sciences UQ researchers – Dr Simon Quigley, Dr Nick Hudson and James Volmer and how their research is delivery transformational change for Australian beef.  


The Australian beef industry is constantly working on overcoming the challenges of the day through the uptake of research findings and improvements in management practices. Every so often it pays to look beyond the incremental gains towards the major advances for the future prosperity of beef-kind. This breakfast promises to deliver the cutting edge science currently being funded by MLA levy money. Presentation will be delivered by:

  • Dr Simon Quigley, The University of Queensland
  • Dr Nick Husdon, The University of Queensland
  • James Volmer, Diamantina Institute, The University of Queensland

MLA Beef Industry Breakfast

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MLA Beef Industry Breakfast
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