Will the Greta Thunberg generation of environmentalists accept radical new technologies that promise to feed more people using less resources, in a variable climate? In a world of mounting carbon emissions, will technological innovation be perceived as the solution to meet global food demand for healthy food, rather than one of the problems? This seminar explores how the transformational technologies of gene-edited food, GMOs, synthetic biology and nanotechnology can reduce carbon emissions, prevent food loss, and radically increase food production by the required 70 percent by 2050, to feed the world.


Image of Professor Ian GoodwinProfessor Ian Goodwin
Director, Centre for Crop Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI), The University of Queensland

Ian is the Director of the Centre for Crop Science at the QAAFI and author of Good Enough to Eat? As a scientist, Ian is at the forefront of gene editing crops, such as sorghum, which has been edited for a 15 percent higher protein content. Ian has over 30 years’ experience in plant biotechnology research and leads research in the use of biotechnological tools for crop improvement, with emphasis on the sustainable production of grain crops. Ian is passionate about the public communication of science, and the future of agriculture in a changing climate.

Image of A/Prof Claudia VickersAssociate Professor Claudia Vickers
Group Leader, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, The University of Queensland

Claudia holds a joint appointment as leader of CSIRO’s Synthetic Biology Future Science Platform and group leader at AIBN at The University of Queensland. Synthetic biology applies engineering theory to biological systems, approaching genes, cells and organisms as complex subcellular machines. Claudia has pioneered the use of synthetic biology to replace current industrial practices with sustainable, environmentally friendly approaches. In agriculture, synthetic biology could build the plants that evolution didn’t – plants that produce strong yields in uncertain environments, to make more food without using more land.



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