Successful implementation of Genomic Selection (GS) in a plant or animal breeding program depends in several aspects including: population structure, mating structure, relatedness between individuals, marker density, architecture of the traits, level of dominance and/or epistasis on relevant traits, among others.

In this presentation, we will present and discuss some of the above aspects in the context of horticultural and fish operational breeding programs. In addition, as phenotypic and molecular data accumulates for these programs over the years, new challenges arise in our implementation of GS. We will present the most pressing statistical challenges that need to be considered, and some of our approaches to solve them. 

NOTE: There is no video recording for this seminar

A/Prof Salvador Gezan

School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida

Salvador joined the School of Forest Resources and Conservation in 2011 to lead the quantitative genetic analyses for the CFGRP and FBRC breeding programs. He also works on Forest Modelling and Forest Biometrics in general. He obtained a co-Ph.D. in Statistics and Forestry with emphasis on Quantitative Genetics from the University of Florida.
Prior to joining the School, he was a Statistical and Genetics consultant at Rothamsted Research and VSN International, both at United Kingdom. His current research includes topics in mixed models methodology, construction of forest growth and yield models for natural forest and plantations, and optimal design and analysis of plant and genetic experiments.


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